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Workflows in Help Scout are similar to Gmail filters or rules in other email clients. Quite simply, workflows are composed of conditions (what you’re looking for) and actions (what you want to happen). This article is all about Workflows.

In this article

Workflows contain and Together, you'll create "if" and "then"statements to perform actions on conversations. For example, the subject line contains "Bug Report", add a tag, send an email to the customer and put the email in a folder. Workflows can be either manual or automatic:

Automatic workflows are always on. They run in the background and watch everything - kind of like the NSA. They check new and existing conversations for matching conditions, then carry out one or more specified actions automatically. You might use an automatic workflow to:

Automatic workflows

A m anual workflow doesn’t do anything until you tell it to. When you apply a manual workflow, Help Scout performs all actions in one fell swoop. Look for the lightning bolt icon to run a manual workflow. You might use a manual workflow to:

anual workflow

By default, only can create and manage workflows. If you want your to manage workflows as well, you can change that permission from the Company settings page. To then create a workflow,open a mailbox and head to Settings Workflows .

Settings Workflows

Note: If things aren’t matching just yet, you’ll see a small yellow note that reads: If you do have matching conversations, you'll see a checkbox to apply actions to existing conversations.

Workflows have two types of conditions: AND and OR.

Adding an AND condition means that your first condition must be true AND the second condition must also be true. Click the blue text to add an AND condition.

Adding an OR condition means only one of your OR conditions needs to be true. Click on the blue text toadd an OR condition.

You can add multiple conditions to a single workflow. In the example below, note that the subject text must contain , AND the conversation must have a tag of . Easy, right? If a conversation does not contain both conditions, the workflow's actions will not fire.

Adding an OR condition means only one of your conditions needs to be true for your actions to fire. The workflow seen below simply says that if the conversation subject contains , OR the conversation has a tag, perform the desired actions. One condition OR the other will suffice.

The transcoding warning is issued when you have values for character variables that have either of the following characteristics:

If you use a procedure (for example, the PRINT or REPORT procedures), the procedure runs to completion. The variable is truncated if the additional bytes cause the value to exceed the length of the column. Alternatively, if a character from the data set does not also exist in the target encoding or if it occupies a different code point (after transcoding), the column might be blank or another character might be substituted for the original character. The procedure generates the transcoding warning.

If you have an output data set open, SAS transcodes the character data and stops writing observations to the file at the point it encounters the problematic characters. This behavior can result in either fewer observations than expected or a data set with zero observations. When this happens, SAS generates an error message instead of a warning. This error message contains the same content as the warning message.

ERROR: Some character data was lost during transcoding in the data set Either the data contains characters that are not representable in the new encoding or truncation occurred during transcoding

New Video Available to Help You Resolve the Transcoding Error or Warning

Before you attempt to resolve the transcoding error or warning, it is helpful to understand a bit about encodings and how to handle multilingual SAS data. To help you in this endeavor, SAS Technical Support worked with Education and Training to create a new, short (12 minutes) video to help you quickly troubleshoot and resolve the most common reasons for the transcoding error or warning.

Click the image below to access the video. ( Note: You will be prompted to create a SAS profile if you do not have one already.)

Click image to play video

If you want to practice the techniques in this video, you can download the data sets that are used in the video here .

download the data sets that are used in the video here .

This video is based on solutions that have helped customers who called SAS Technical Support for assistance. The video offers these solutions in a visual format that is easy to follow. In addition to showing you how to launch SAS in different encodings to resolve the error, the video also introduces the Character Variable Padding (CVP) engine (Read-only) for processing SAS data files that contain multilingual data.

This video is one of a number of resources available to help you. The next section lists several tips that might help prevent or resolve transcoding warnings or errors.

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