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"Dorsey is old school. When evaluating passers, he doesn't care what the numbers say: He wants guys who can play . ... Dorsey seems to be almost single-mindedly focused on upside: Potential value guides his quarterback decisions much more than positive expected value —or at least that's the conclusion I'd reach if not for his ridiculous record of success."

No one is questioning Allen's potential upside. He has the size ( 6'5", 233 lbs ) and the throwing velocity (per Ourlads , it was clocked at a remarkable 62 miles per hour at the NFL Scouting Combine, which was easily No. 1 in the field) that could help him become a Hall of Famer.

However, Allen's FOOTWEAR Lowtops amp; sneakers USPolo Association Outlet From China pKPaRMPRqg
have been called into question, as the 21-year-old completed just 56.2 percent of his passes at Wyoming. To put that number in perspective, that figure would have placed Allen third-last in passing accuracy among 32 qualified quarterbacks in the NFL, per Mens U Snake J Low Geox Cheap Sale Manchester Great Sale 5AFUaZ

That being said, if the Browns draft Allen, he isn't going to be asked to start right away, as Tyrod Taylor will be calling signals in 2018. A year on the bench would certainly help Allen develop and acclimate to the pro game.

Ultimately, Allen is one of the draft's more intriguing prospects, one that is very much in play for the No. 1 overall pick. It will be interesting to watch his career unfold over the next few years.

New York Giants: USC QB Sam Darnold

The New York Giants hold a ton of leverage heading into the draft. If they hold on to the second pick, Big Blue can guarantee themselves one of the top non-quarterback prospects (Penn State running back Saquon Barkley, Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson or NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb) or a quarterback to take over for 37-year-old Eli Manning in a year or two.

The Giants can also trade down to a team desperate for a long-term solution at quarterback and get a haul of picks in return.

However, if Darnold is available at No. 2, the guess here is that he's the Giants' pick. Darnold is considered the top quarterback in this year's draft by many pundits, including Lance Zierlein of Cheap From China Geniue Stockist Sale Online Preowned pumps Giuseppe Zanotti Sast For Sale Cheap Sale Hot Sale gu1gf
, Matt Miller of Sneakers for Women On Sale in Outlet White suede 2017 45 Diadora Free Shipping Fashionable Buy Cheap Really Genuine Online Authentic Sale Online Sale Excellent OAchKgQw9
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He was Olivia Slip On Trainer Jigsaw Explore Cheap Online Discount Good Selling mUfySekCG
in his first year as the USC quarterback in 2016, completing 67.2 percent of his passes, throwing for 31 touchdowns and leading his team to a Rose Bowl win.

The primary knocks against Darnold are that he seemed to regress in 2017 following a stellar 2016 campaign, completing 4.1 percent fewer passes, losing four more fumbles ( nine total ) and tossing more interceptions.

Granted, Darnold played (and was asked to do) more in 2017, as he attempted 114 more passes. But he needs to take better care of the ball, which is something he acknowledged at his combine interview .

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‎11-11-2016 10:35 AM


I know there have been previous posts on this topic, but I am yet to find a solution to this problem. Most of the data that I need to use in Power BI reports, I can not aggregate or summarize into a Sum/Average/Max/Min/etc. I require to show the data as it is found.

Please! Can someone show how to report data values with out changing the value to a Sum/Average etc, in Service and Desktop?? In my Desktop version, the Modeling tab, the default summariztion option is not active, so I am unable to select any option there.

Please tell me how I can show actual data numbers with out summarizing into a Sum/Average/etc modification.

Solved! Go to Solution.

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Re: Need to have Do Not Summarize on Values

‎11-23-2016 07:27 AM

I attended a Power BI workshop seminar here in town last week, and was able to discover the solution of setting the default summarization to Don't summarize.

So, that seems to be resolve my problem.

Thanks for your time and help.

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Re: Need to have Do Not Summarize on Values

‎11-11-2016 12:15 PM

sharingempathy July 6, 2014 at 6:04 pm

I was also no where near college in 1994. Just so we are all good and clear.

Audrey July 6, 2014 at 6:32 pm

Ok. This article really baffled me. I’m going to try to keep my response as brief as possible here.

1) This article really takes issue with the fact that young queers of today aren’t banded together on one united front. I’m baffled by this. I mean, yeah, generally we all have the same goals: economic opportunity, healthcare, safety, etc. But once we move past the platitudes, how much unity of experience IS there?

I think one of the most important developments in queer politics lately is the recognition of the fact that queers are NOT a monolith. Like, yes, things have gotten better for queer people in the past thirty years. But they’ve gotten better to differing degrees for different segments of the queer community. And for some INEXPLICABLE reason, these divisions follow lines of cultural inequality: things have gotten better for white queers than they have for POC queers, things have gotten better for cis queers than they have for trans queers, things have gotten better for male queers than they have for female queers. etc. So yeah, if you’re a white upper middle class cisgender gay boy growing up in SF, your queer childhood is probably pretty good. If you’re a gay trans girl growing up in rural Tennessee, your childhood is probably not as good. And therefore, one of the CRITICAL things to acknowledge is that different segments of the queer community have different experiences and different needs.

Look, I’m a gay trans woman. And one of the things you learn fast while being a gay trans woman is that just because you meet someone else who’s a part of the queer community doesn’t mean they understand jackshit about your experience. Just because somebody is gay or bi or pan doesn’t mean that they have any sense of how to interact with a trans woman or what being a trans woman is like. And you can say that being queer isn’t automatically a death sentence anymore, but I think a lot of the young trans women I know are going to have a long, bitter laugh over that one.

TRUST ME. The days of being bullied, of being assaulted, of being molested and raped, of being attacked are FAR from over. And if you think they are, then you are laughably disconnected from reality for many queers who are marginalized across multiple domains of oppression. All you have to do is read our words and hear our stories to appreciate that.

Are there young queers who are cashing out on a culture of victimhood? Yes. Are there young queers who are passing themselves off as more marginalized then they actually are? Yeah, definitely! There are always assholes. But the fact is, discounting and disbelieving their stories sets a precedent for discounting and disbelieving the stories of every young queer who claims to have been victimized. And that’s a terrifying prospect for a lot of us. For many of us, our stories are all we have. Our words are all we have. We’ve got no other proof, so if you choose not to believe us, there’s nothing we can do. So really, it’s a question of risk and benefit. Is it worth the risk of further isolating the real victims of hatred and violence in order to construct a culture of disbelief so that we can, what, believe that things really truly HAVE “gotten better?” That all of our hard work paid off?

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